Conformance test tools for China Mobile (cmcc) & China Telecom

Conformance test tools for China Mobile (cmcc) & China Telecom
Conformance test tools for China Mobile (cmcc) & China Telecom

Use Cases

Certification program for NFC devices at Chinese MNO’s

What is Conformance test tools for China Mobile (cmcc) & China Telecom ?

Micropross is a validated provider of NFC test solutions to chinese MNOs. We propose a unique service to assist our customers to briliantly pass their certification programs.

The Chinese MNO's choice

The NFC technology is taken very seriously by chinese Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).  They already offer quantity of dynamic services to their subscribers, based on their technology.

Micropross has been selected by the biggest chinese MNOs as a test equipment provider. It will be used for certification of devices embedding the NFC technology. Those MNOs are China Mobile (CMCC) and China Telecom.

Micropross CTS present at China Telecom laboratory (GSTA in Guangzhou)

Micropross Solution

The BOM of Micropross tools used at China Mobile (CMCC) and China Telecom for NFC conformance testing include :

In order to correctly prepare the certification within China Mobile (CMCC) and China Telecom, it is strongly advised to go through a pre-certification laboratory. The Micropross test tools are deployed at the CTTL laboratory in Beijing. CTTL is a laboratory that is recognised by both China Mobile and China Telecom for pre-certification.

To ease the pre-certification at CTTL, and the certification at China Mobile and China Telecom laboratories, Micropross has published some guidelines. Freely available to all of our customers, it gives information on the software, firmware versions that are deployed at the different sites. It also gives information on how to be prepared, and who are the contact persons.

Using Micropross NFC conformance test systems is the best way to achieve certification at CMCC and China Telecom. Thanks to its network of support, the high level of automation and stability of the test equipment.

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