EMV L1 Contactless Card Digital

EMV L1 PICC digital test tool performs all scenarii defined in the EMV L1 test specifications. Validation laboratories are using our solution for type approval.
EMV L1 Contactless Card DigitalEMV L1 Contactless Card Digital
EMV L1 Contactless Card DigitalEMV L1 Contactless Card Digital

Use Cases

The EMVCo test solutions will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • for laboratories, reference tool for type approval
  • for any company, reference test bench, for pre-certification, before going to the official laboratory for type approval

What is EMV L1 Contactless Card Digital ?

We deliver part of the Contactless Test Station an EMVCo test tool to perform conformance test of contactless smartcards and NFC enabled mobile phones from a digital standpoint. The EMVCo (Europay-Mastercard-Visa & Co) is an organization made of the biggest payment operators in the world. It aims at allowing global interoperability. For test purposes, EMVCo has defined Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is focusing on the 'low level' concerns : analog side, and protocol. Whereas Level 2 concentrates on the application layer : the good execution of a debit/credit transaction for example. Level 1 test specifications are common to all EMVCo members. Level 2, passed the 'entry point' layers, define specific test methods for each payment operators. We focuses on EMV Level 1 testing, but certainly can recommend selected partners for Level 2 testing tasks. NI is a provider of EMV L1 Contactless Digital PICC test benches, including all necessary hardware and software to perform the tests in conformance with the EMVCo recommendations. The main features of our EMV L1 test solutions are :
  • Test solutions based on the real EMV test specifications
  • Fully automated test operation
  • Automated generation of test reports
  • Solutions widely used at EMVCo laboratories, for debug and type approval
  • Test cases related to EMV L1 Mobile Payment are included in the solution
The test cases are implementing with a 100% accuracy the requirements of the 'EMV PICC Level 1 Protocol Digital Test Cases' document, in 3.0 and previous versions. Based on the 'EMV PICC Level 1 Protocol Digital Test Cases' test specification, this test tool will make sure that a contactless smart card (or a NFC device in card mode) is able to perform a transaction accordingly to the requirements of EMVCo. Timings, retransmission, reaction to errors are in the scope of this test tool.

Technical Data

Hardware components :

Test library coverage : 100% of the test cases documented in the ‘EMV L1 PICC digital test bench and test cases’ specification, including :

  • Timing measurement
  • Good transition within the ISO 14443 state machine
  • Management of chained data
  • Management of errors (parity, timing, …)

All EMV L1 Contactless Mobile Payment are also included.

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