ISO 10373-6 PCD analog test suite performs reader conformance (operating volume (Hmin Hmax), power transfert, ...)

Use Cases

This test solution will typically be used in the following contexts :
  • conformance testing of reader with the ISO 14443 specification

What is ISO 10373-6 ANALOG PCD ?

Our ISO 10373-6 Analog PCD test suite allows the user to perform the different analog conformance test cases, as defined inside the ISO 10373-6:2011, and its amendments such as VHBR or EMD measurement, for contactless readers
Micropross is able to supply all hardware and software elements to perform compliance testing with the ISO 10373-6 specification. The aim of this product, is to verify in the most user friendly and convenient way the compliance of contactless smartcards with the ISO 14443 specification.
The main features of this solution are :
  • availability of an automated reference PICC, allowing to adjust all ISO 10373-6 defined timings automatically
  • coverage of all classes (1 up to 6) defined in the ISO 10373-6:2011 specification
  • compatible with the automation robots (Microbot, and Denso Robot)
  • coverage of the various amendments as defined inside the ISO 10373-6:2011 specifications

Technical Data

This solution will allow you to perform a full inspection of the analog behaviour of your contactless smartcards, RFID tags, or NFC devices that operate in the card mode.
The MPManager test platform takes control of all hardware elements, and performs the test exactly as described in the ISO 10373-6 test standard.
Hardware components :
Test library coverage : 100% of the test methods defined in ISO 10373-6 main document, including :
  • Hmin and Hmax measurement
  • PCD power transfert
  • PCD waveshape testing (t1,t2,t3,t4 measurement, overshoot measurement, …)
  • PCD load modulation reception
Coverage of the different ISO 10373-6 amendments is also available, and include :
  • ISO 10373-6:2011 Amd 1 : support of classes from 2 to 6
  • ISO 10373-6:2011 Amd 2 : measurement of PICC generated EMD (Electro Magnetic Disturbances)
  • ISO 10373-6:2011 Amd 4 : test of VHBR ASK compatible PICC
  • ISO 10373-6:2011 Amd 5 : test of VHBR PSK compatible PICC
The Automated Reference PICC is a Micropross exclusive design, and a real technical breakthrough.
The biggest drawback of the reference PICC as defined inside the ISO specification, is the setup phase, that is mandatory before starting to test a reader
Necessary operations are :
  • adjusting its resonance frequency
  • adjusting its load
  • generating an adjustable voltage with an external power supply
  • adjustung the level of retromodulation
  • measuring voltages
  • measuring the signal with an oscilloscope
Micropross has made available on the market an automated reference PICC, that is capable of automatically perform the following settings :
  • setting up the resonance frequency
  • seting up the load
  • generating the adjustable voltage
  • adjusting the retromodulation level
  • measuring voltages, thanks to its integrated voltmeter
This automated reference PICC is a piece of high tech electronics, driven by the Contactless Test Station, the MP300 TCL2, or the MP500 TCL3. Performing analog characterization of PCD and NFC devices has never been so easy!
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