The ISO 22536 test case checks NFC devices on the analog side. Load modulation amplitude and waveform inspection are for example performed.

Use Cases

This test solution will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • conformance testing of reader, smartcards, NFC devices with the ISO 18092 specification

What is ISO 22536 ANALOG ?

Our ISO 22536 (ECMA 356) test suite allows to verify the compliance of NFC devices with the requirements of the ISO 18092 (ECMA 340) standard, from an analog standpoint. This is a standard edited before the NFC Forum was born, but which is still necessary for compliance testing with legacy installations. The ISO has standardised NFC back in 2003, in the NFC-IP1 and IP2 standards, before the NFC Forum taking over. Micropross proposes test solutions to verify the interoperability between devices that follow the ISO 18092 specification. The main features of this solution are :
  • support of passive and active mode testing
  • for passive mode, support of both target and initiator mode testing
  • libraries available for analog and digital conformance testing
  • all generation and measurement devices are automated (including the RF amplifier)
  • compatible with the automation robots (Microbot, and Denso Robot)

Technical Data

This solution allow to verify the good interoperability between NFC-IP1 (ISO 18092) compatible devices by playing the scenarii defined in the ISO 22536 test specification, and making the requested physical measurement.

The MPManager test platform takes control of all hardware elements, and performs the test exactly as described in the ISO 22536 test standard.

Hardware components :

Test library coverage : 100% of the test methods defined in ISO 22536 document, including :

  • Target RF level detection
  • Target passive communication mode
  • Target active communication mode
  • Initiator field strength in active and passive communication
  • Initiator modulation index and waveform in active and passive communication
  • Initiator load modulation reception in passive communication

Even though the ISO 18092 specifies only communication using ISO 14443 type A, and FeliCa, we offer in our test suite test cases for ISO 14443 type B

Please note that our ISO 22536 test suite covers both card mode and terminal mode testing

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