NFC Forum analog certified test tool allows to test the conformance of NFC device (listeners and pollers) in a fully automated way, with the NFC Forum specifications.

Use Cases

The NFC test solutions will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • for laboratories, reference tool for type approval
  • for any company, reference test bench, for pre-certification, before going to the official laboratory for type approval


We provide part of the Contactless Test Station III a fully automated NFC Forum analog test bench. It allows to make sure that a NFC device satisfies the requirement of the NFC Forum from an analog standpoint. Our NFC Forum analog test bench will allow you to measure load modulation amplitudes (LMA), field strength, waveshape characteristics of your device.

What is the NFC FORUM?

The NFC Forum is a consortium that groups more than 150 companies, from all around the world. It aims at promoting the use of the NFC technology. It is also defining an interoperability framework (validating test tools, test laboratories, establishing test specifications, ...). NI through its acquisition of Micropross has been a member of the NFC Forum from the beginning, and strongly believes in this technology.

Our contribution to the NFC Forum is multiple :

  • Participations to each NFC Forum member meetings. We contribute to the evolution of the test specifications. Then, we make sure our offering matches with the NFC Forum’s state of the art
  • We have implemented all test specifications defined by the NFC Forum related to interoperability control (analog, digital protocol, LLCP, SNEP, tag performance, tag application)
  • We are a leading provider of certified test equipment for the NFC Forum authorized test laboratories
Based on the Contactless Test Station 3, our NFC Forum analog test tool is the perfect companion of our EMVCo test solutions. Our NFC Forum analog test tool operates in compliance with the latest NFC Forum certification release, which is the TR 11.1. Recently added test items such as ISO 15693 or tag testing are also supported by our solution.

The main features of our NFC Forum analog test tool are :

  • Solution based on the official NFC Forum test specifications
  • Test solutions validated by the NFC Forum (according to the latest specification updates, including TR11.1, CR10, 2015-A and 2015-B)
  • Fully automated test operation
  • Usage of the NFC Forum reference components (3 pollers, 3 listeners (6 listeners starting from the CR12 certification release specification), the 8 shaped coil)
  • Automated generation of test reports
  • Solutions used at NFC Forum laboratories, for debug and type approval
  • Introducing the revolutionary automated waveform setup feature

Technical Data

Our test tool implements 100% of the test cases and measurement methods defined in the ‘NFC Forum analog test specification’. Even better, our tool is officially approved by the NFC Forum, which is an undisputable proof of quality.
Our test suite will perform in a fully automated manner all NFC requested measurement, such as the load modulation amplitude, the subcarrier measurement. It will also generate the adequate physical values (Vsov, carrier frequency, …) and check the ability of the Device Under Test to correctly operate under those conditions.

Furthermore, for even more automation, we propose a range of manipulation robots, allowing to place the measurement antenna at the different places within the NFC Forum operating volume.

We supply the NFC Forum antenna kit (3 reference pollers, 3 reference listeners, 1 8-shaped antenna), and, on demand, the associated calibration certificates.

Our libraries implement all listener and poller tests, and depending on your needs, can be split.

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