NFC Forum Digital test tool allows to perform all NFC Forum defined scenarii to ensure conformance on a digital level.

Use Cases

The NI NFC Forum test solutions will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • for laboratories, reference tool for type approval
  • for any company, reference test bench, for pre-certification, before going to the official laboratory for type approval


Our NFC Forum digital test tool fully implements the test cases defined in the NFC Forum’s Digital Protocol test specification. This tool helps to ensure the good handling by a NFC device of the applicable protocol. It also garantees the appropriate management of unexpected events such as transmission errors (wrong CRC, parity error, …) and timing issues. Our NFC Forum digital test tool is validated by the NFC Forum. It is listed as such on the NFC Forum website. It implements more than 1300 test cases and scenario. The tool perfectly works with the MP500 TCL3’s double antennas, allowing thus to test all modes (R/W, card, and P2P modes) without any human intervention, allowing therefore to run full campaigns over night. The NFC Forum digital test tool runs on the MP500 TCL3, and the Contactless Test Station.

Technical Data

All 1300+ NFC Forum defined test cases are implemented in our NFC Forum digital test tool.

Items covered include :

  • Activation
  • Tag Operation

– Tag type 1 (Topaz)
– Tag type 2 (MifareTM Ultralight, MifareTM Ultralight C)
– Tag type 3 (FeliCaTM)
– Tag type 4 (ISO 14443 A/B)
– Tag type 5 (ISO 15693)

  • Peer 2 Peer
  • Installation

Our NFC Forum digital test tool is compliant with the latest NFC Forum Test Release (TR11.1), but all previously implemented test releases are also available at no additional cost (for example CR10, 2015-A, 2015-B, …)

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