Solutions for automotive business in manufacturing

The Automotive manufacturing solutions allow you to increase the quality of your production by performing analog and protocol tests on your products.
Solutions for automotive business in manufacturing
Solutions for automotive business in manufacturing

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What is Solutions for automotive business in manufacturing ?

NI through its acquisition of Micropross has gathered a vast experience in terms of supply of production tools. It is the resulyt of its 20 years presence in the smart card production business. In parallel, we have developped a universally known knowledge in the WPC (Qi) testing technologies, as well as in the NFC area. Combining those two fields of expertise allows us to put on the market, solutions that can accomodate the requirements of the Automotive industry companies. In order to provide them the means to put on the market devices that are well tested and qualified. We have deployed for giants of the Automotive industry, integrated test tools that allows a 100% quality insurance test. In a production context, our tools are using methods that are derivated from the standards, but which fit to a production environment. Our manufacturing systems are :
  • Able to operate 24h a day, 7 days a week
  • Standard, spare parts can be produced from NI dealers
  • Calibration kits are available for on site calibration
  • Operator friendly
  • Evolution prone, and can be re-programmed easily to fit the evolution of the customer requirements
The solution that we advise to test in a production context NFC and/or WPC (Qi) modules is the MP500 PT1-NFC, which has the ability to :
  • test simultaneously NFC and Qi interfaces
  • simulate both NFC tags, and reader/writers
  • simulate Qi power receiver, and therefore challenge the Qi power transmitter under test
  • all tests occur on the same antenna block, for a better operator friendly approach
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