SWP/HCI CLF test tool is validated by the GCF and PTCRB organisations, and allows to test the secure element access inteface of a NFC handset.

Use Cases

This solution will typically be used in the following contexts :
  • debug of the SWP interface of a mobile phone
  • debug of the HCI stack of a mobile phone
  • conformance testing

What is SWP-HCI CLF ?

On top of the MP300 SC2 and MP500 TCL3 allowing to perform electrical and protocol test of SWP enabled NFC devices, we propose a test library following the requirement of the ETSI (ETSI TS 102.694-1  (SWP) and ETSI TS 102.695-1 / ETSI TS 102.695-3 (HCI)). The test cases are validated by the GCF and the PTCRB organisms. SWP (Single Wire Protocol) is the communication protocol between the mobile handset and the UICC. It enables the NFC application to reside on the U-ICC. The HCI (Host Controller Interface) provides a logical interface on top of the SWP to support the creation of a host network and support contactless applications on the U-ICC. What we propose, is a test platform that allows to simulate a U-SIM, and therefore test the good behaviour of the CLF following the test methods defined in the ETSI specifications ETSI TS 102.694-1  (SWP) and ETSI TS 102.695-1 / ETSI TS 102.695-3 (HCI). The main features of this SWP/HCI test library for CLF are :
  • Test of a CLF (or mobile phone) according to the standards  ETSI TS 102.694-1  (SWP) and ETSI TS 102.695-1 / ETSI TS 102.695-3 (HCI)
  • Fully automated generation of test reports
  • Automated test sessions
  • Test cases validated by the GCF and PTCRB
  • Solution widely deployed at validation laboratories

Technical Data

The test session happens in a very simple manner.
First, the user installs a SIM simulation probe inside the SIM slot of the mobile phone. This SIM simulation probe is connected on the MP300 SC2
Then, the user positions the mobile phone on the terminal simulation antenna of the MP500 TCL3
Then, the user selects which test cases should be played on the test manager interface
Finally, the user collects the test results, generates test reports, and analyses the failures
Hardware platform :
Test case coverage : 100% of the ETSI TS 102.694-1  (SWP) and ETSI TS 102.695-1 / ETSI TS 102.695-3 (HCI) test specifications
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