Our cars are no longer just a means of transportation. As our world becomes more connected, the technology in our vehicles is keeping pace. Cellular connectivity, automotive radar, Near Field Communication (NFC) and wireless charging are now integrated into high and mid-level vehicles.

NI works closely with both automotive component manufacturers, and automotive manufacturers to supply them with innovative and robust test solutions.

Automotive solutions for NFC test in R&D

NFC is critical technology for car makers. It enables major technology, such as keyless entry and effortless connection between your mobile phone and the audio system of the car, by assisted Bluetooth pairing.

Keyless entry

For keyless entry, the idea is to use a NFC-enabled mobile phone, or any other compatible device to replace the traditional mechanical key. In this case, the NFC handset would operate in the card mode. The car handle would work in the reader/writer mode.

This functionality can be tested using the Contactless Test Station (CTS) and the MP500 TCL3 for design validation. Depending on the customer’s requirement, we would recommend performing either ISO 10373-6 PCD analog and digital tests, or NFC Forum analog and digital protocol tests. NI also offers the MP007, used primarily as an external protocol analyser, so you can troubleshoot any NFC-related interoperability issues.

NFC-assisted blutooth pairing

For NFC-assisted Bluetooth pairing, the mobile phone works as a reader/writer. The audio system would operate as a tag. This functionality can also be tested using the Contactless Test Station (CTS) and the MP500 TCL3. Since the audio system would behave as a tag (NFC card mode), we would recommend the ISO 10373-6 PICC analog and digital, as well as the NFC Forum analog and digital test solution.

Automotive solutions for wireless charging test in R&D

The benefit of embedding wireless power technology in cars is clear. When you can charge your mobile phone (or any compatible mobile device) while on the road, you ensure that you can stay connected throughout the day.

In this case, a wireless charger (base station) would be embedded in the car. The recommended NI solution for testing base stations is our Qi Baseline and Extended Power Profile transmitter test tool. It will ensure that your wireless charger operates as per the requirement of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This solution includes specified tests such as the Foreign Object Detection (FOD), guaranteed power, and ensures adherence to the communication protocol.

Automotive manufacturing solutions for NFC and wireless charging

NI has a proven record of working with car component manufacturers. This experience includes manufacturing test of NFC modules, wireless power modules, and combination modules (NFC+wireless power).

The experience gathered has been translated into a range of manufacturing test solutions. It is featuring rugged design and compatibility with automotive temperature requirements.

For automotive manufacturing test, we recommend the following, depending on the functionality of your DUT:

  • NFC device test: the MP500 PT1-NFC, which covers both reader/writer and card test. It offers advanced analog measurement features.
  • Wireless power device test: the MP300 CL3 has a test antenna specifically designed according to the requests made by the major car manufacturers. It allows you to test the power emitted, the Vr and Ir values, as well as perform protocol tests.
  • Dual NFC and wireless power module : the MP300 CL3 has specific test antenna, embedding both NFC and wireless power suppor. It makes it possible to test both interfaces on the same work-bench.
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