Wireless charging technology overview

Wireless power (or cordless power) allows the transmission of power without a cable. With this technology, you can charge the battery of your mobile phone without the hassle of looking for a charger. With wireless charging, you simply have to place your mobile device within a wireless power charger, and that would be it! This technology, which was originally focused on accessories, has fully entered the world of mobile phones and high end wearable devices.

This market is specified by two standardization bodies. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Airfuel Alliance (AFA). NI is heavily invested in both organizations and has test tools to cover their test requirements.


NI offers debug and conformance test tools for power transmitters and receivers according to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) recommendations.

We serve our customers with convenient, automated, and efficient test solutions to test mobile devices (power receivers) and base stations (power transmitters) following the test specifications defined by the WPC (Qi specification part 3).

Power profiles covered by NI test solutions are:

  • Baseline Power Profile (BPP):  Transmission of power below 5W. This power range was previously known as Low Power.
  • Extended Power Profile (EPP): Below 15W of power transmission. It was previously known as Medium Power.

NI solutions come supplied with all required WPC defined accessories, including:

  • All normative coils: Test Power Receiver (TPR) and Test Power Transmitter (TPT)
  • All foreign objects (FO) required for Foreign Object Detection (FOD) tests
  • Thermocouple and test fixtures for power transmitters (PTx)

Besides the physical accessories, we provide fully automated libraries of test cases. They are corresponding directly to the ones defined by the WPC for conformance testing of transmitters (Tx) and receivers (Rx). Those tests include:

  • Power Transmitters test:

                    – Guaranteed power

                – Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

                – Modulation depth

                – All digital timing measurements

  • Power Receivers test:

                – Packet timing / packet content

                – Load modulation tests

                – Rx reset

                – Frequency demodulation

 Advantages of NI offering

Our WPC test solution has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Coverage of Baseline Power Profile (5W) and Extended Power Profile (15W) using the same hardware architecture
  • Easy evolution to test NFC technology on the same workbench
  • Unmatched usability with fully automated test suites
  • Interactive scripting mode that allows you to go “off script” and customize the test procedure


This very flexible test solution also allows you to test non-standard form factors, such as Qi wearables Tx and Rx, operating with smaller coils at a lower power range (1W).

Expressly aimed at antenna designers, our antenna efficiency measurement tool. It is able to characterize the ability of a coil to convert a voltage into emitted wireless power (for transmitters). It converts a received wireless power into voltage (for receivers).  Consequently, it is possible to perform coil efficiency measurement at a large power and frequency ranges.


NI manufacturing test solution for power transmitters and receivers. We have successfully accompanied power transmitter manufacturers into manufacturing test of wireless power modules.

The experience gathered through these partnerships has been translated into a range of manufacturing test solutions. Manufacturing test solutions for wireless power are rugged, sturdy, and compatible with the industrial temperature requirement. In addition, they are price competitive and offer an extensive feature-set.

The recommended test tool for wireless power manufacturing test is the MP300 CL3. This tool has a test antenna specifically designed according to the requests made by the wireless transmitter manufacturers, and allows to test the power emitted, the Vr and Ir values, as well as perform protocol tests.

In the case of testing a dual NFC and Wireless Power module,  the MP300 CL3 comes with another specific test antenna which embeds both NFC and Wireless power support, making it possible to test both interfaces on the same workbench. 

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