By selecting NI as supplier for EMV L1 testing, BCTC has successfully managed the EMVCo 3.0 transition.

BCTC is among the top several test laboratories to be accredited for EMV L1 3.0 PCD testing. It means that from now on terminal manufacturers are able to perform certification sessions of their products into BCTC laboratories.

Already equipped with NI’s Contactless Test Station, BCTC adopted the classical migration steps for most of NI customers. They added the new set of EMV test antennas and downloaded the updated test suites on our website. Using NI’s Labtools allow them to go faster in the qualification process and obtain qualification in just a few rounds.

EMV 3.0 antennas


Stéphane CZECK, NFC & Wireless Charging Group Marketing Director commented: “Our partnership with BCTC has been active for more than a decade, and it is very inspiring for us that they renewed it for the major evolution that EMV 3.0 is.”

EMV3.0 PICC and mobile analog qualification is just around the corner for BCTC and NI, with their specific set of tools aimed at laboratories, will be there to help them achieve this qualification quickly.

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