MICROPROSS and Sony agree to develop a new highly automated solution for NFC-F | FeliCa SWP UICC and CLF testing.

This new agreement is the logical step following years of partnership and trust between the two companies, MICROPROSS and Sony Corporation collaborating already for many testings, such as NFC Forum.
Based on specifications from Sony, and running on the MICROPROSS’s TC3 and SC2, already known for their performance in ISO, SWP|HCI and EMVCo, these new automated test suites will answer the requests of numerous manufacturers willing to test their NFC-F enabled products.

MICROPROSS’s CEO, Philippe Bacle said : ‘I am truly delighted with this new agreement. Sony and MICROPROSS had numerous partnerships since many years, and this development will contribute to strengthen them even more. It will be a powerful add-on to our range of solutions, and will open new possibilities for the smartcard industry in general, but as well as other NFC-F enabled markets’

FeliCa is the widespread contactless technology in Asia conforming to NFC-F standard and provides high levels of performance, flexibility and security in public transportation, access management, event ticketing and customer loyalty programs.

Given Sony major role in the expansion of the ever-growing NFC market in general, this collaboration will further prove the stability and efficiency of the famous standard, as MICROPROSS will use also all its expertise to make this testing a reality.

The new solution will be first introduced during the CARTES event in early November this year, as it has been many years that MICROPROSS has been working closely  with the main manufacturers to offer them a full range of products and dedicated solutions, used worldwide.

For more information, please contact smartcards@micropross.com

FeliCa is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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