Micropross announced today the reception of the EMVCo issued validation for its latest product : the EMVCo L1 Mobile Performance test suite, meaning that this product had undergone with success the examination of the EMVCo appointed auditor, and that this tool is now suitable to be deployed inside EMVCo certification laboratories.


The goal of this tool is to perform a statistic inspection of the performance of a device used to perform mobile payment from a transaction time standpoint. The tool automatically executes EMVCo transactions, and extracts timings such as the total transaction time, the mobile device processing time, as well as the mobile device specific transmission time. At the end of the test session, the tool displays in a clear manner all EMVCo defined timings in a test report.

Philippe Bacle, Micropross managing director, commented : « Micropross is pleased to support EMVCo, its members, and the industry in general, in the global expansion of mobile payment by supplying reliable and convenient test tools. It was therefore natural to develop the EMVCo L1 Mobile Performance test suite, which greatly compliments our offering for EMVCo, NFC Forum and ISO test solutions »

Perfect companion to the already EMVCo certified Micropross EMVCo L1 PICC analog and digital test tools, the Micropross EMVCo L1 Mobile Performance test tool uses the MPManager Test Platform as software environment, and the MP500 TCL3 as test hardware. It is already
widely deployed at EMVCo certification houses in North America, Europe and Asia, and available to all designers and manufacturers (chipset, smart card, mobile devices) for performance tests.

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