Ease the certification process

The testing of payments related products is extremely rigorous and highly technical. The requirements of EMV contactless type approval are rapidly evolving. It catering for new smartphones and different form-factor devices, add yet another layer of cost and complexity to the problem.

For Invenco Group, working at the forefront of delivering EMV capable self-service payment terminals, means identifying the most thorough testing possible. This, to ensure the effectiveness of its contactless payment products.

Save energy, time & money

The complexity of the testing meant that it was an iterative process and could involve thousands of individual tests prior to final type approval. All conducted in a laboratory located on the opposite side of the world.

“It was a costly and time-consuming process,” explains Invenco CEO, Gavin Lennox, “there had to be a better way to achieve the end-result we were looking for. Without tying up highly valuable laboratory time for the multitude of initial tests.”

EMVCO testing : Micropross turney solution

To ensure that Invenco could run all EMVCo PCD L1 tests in house, Micropross proposed the Contactless Test Station (CTS). This all in one box, coming with the normative EMV antennas and software test suite, allows Invenco to run all the test cases defined by EMVCo in a fully automated manner.
A robot is also provided as part of the solution. It automatizes the operating volume tests and run it in a fast and accurate way. The CTS is used by most of EMVCo L1 certification labs around the world. Which guarantee a peace of mind for the customer when the device is ready for certification.

Cutting edge of technology | fisrt class support

“The Micropross suite covers complete functional and performance testing for EMV compliance,” says Gavin Lennox. “It only took us a couple of days to configure the robot and get the testing underway.  The service from Micropross made a real difference. They were able to find someone in the same time zone to not only assist with the implementation but to provide ongoing support.»

Continous updates and improvement

“The tests are continuously updated to the latest standards so we have absolute certainty of the validity of what we are testing for.  It now means we can test inhouse for EMV certification on any product with contactless involved. And we only submit testing to the lab when we are ready for the final sign off.  It saves us considerable time and cost – and ensures we are truly on top of the latest certification requirements.”


Know more about Invenco :

Invenco is a global provider of self service payment solutions with a range of products including outdoor payment terminals, electronic payment servers, and cloud services. Invenco continues to build on its legacy of ground up engineering in security and rugged automation to deliver robust technology solutions to petroleum and other retail segments.
Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Invenco also operates offices in Malaysia, U.S., and U.K.



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