Micropross announced today the reception of the EMVCo issued approval letter, stating that EMVCo had successfully qualified Micropross’ EMV Contactless Level 1 PICC, PCD analog & digital test tool according to the brand new 2.6 test specification.


This means, EMVCo authorized test laboratories can now start to deploy this new version in order to perform debug and type approval sessions starting from November 2016 to their customers.
Philippe Bacle, managing Director at Micropross commented: “Once again, Micropross is the first in position to supply the new version of the EMV Contactless PICC, PCD covering analog & digital test tool right on time, to follow the needs of the network of EMVCo approved test laboratories which made the choice to use the Micropross test solutions. At Micropross we highly value the relationship we have with all laboratories which use our test solution. We strive to supply them with reliable and efficient test equipment, as we consider our job and duty is to make those customers successful.”

The Micropross EMV L1 contactless test tool is part of Micropross Contactless Test Station test platform. The Contactless Test Station can be summarized like this: 1 provider, 1 hardware and software platform, and more than 20 different test suites that can run on top of this platform.

The coverage of Micropross in areas such as EMV L1, NFC Forum, ISO 10373-6:2015 is total, not to mention the possibility to perform Wireless Charging oriented testing. This is why today; the majority of EMVCo and NFC Forum approved test laboratories have made the choice to use Micropross Contactless Test Station.


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