The Micropross Contactless Test Station is the only test tool fully certified for NFC Forum and EMVCO Contactless L1 testing.


Embedded in all flagship products from the major mobile phone makers, NFC is becoming more and more present in our lives through initiatives such as Apple Pay, transportation applications, or easy Bluetooth pairing systems.

Interoperability of our devices is ensured by technical bodies such as EMVCo and the NFC Forum who define mandatory test specifications, and administer a network of Authorised Test Laboratories (ATL). These ATLs have to use qualified test tools to perform official type approval sessions. Today, Micropross is the only provider able to propose – on the same platform – validated test solutions for EMVCo and the NFC Forum.

The total coverage for those two technical bodies is the following :

  • EMVCo Contactless L1 PICC and Mobile Analog
  • EMVCo Contactless L1 PICC and Mobile Digital
  • EMVCo Contactless L1 PCD Analog
  • EMVCo Contactless L1 PCD Digital
  • EMVCo Contactless L1 Phase 2 Mobile Performance
  • NFC Forum Analog
  • NFC Forum Digital Protocol
  • NFC Forum LLCP
  • NFC Forum SNEP.

Philippe Bacle, General Manager of Micropross, shared his insights on this great achievement: “Our customers are striving to optimize their costs related to tests and certification. With the Contactless Test Station, this is exactly what they receive. One single hardware base and one single software platform able to run all Micropross test suites. Users may start with just one or few test suites, and expand coverage of their test system as their needs evolve.”

Not only does the Micropross Contactless Test Station fully meets the EMVCo and NFC forum requirements, but it also supports other NFC related test specifications such as ISO 14443 (test specification ISO 10373-6:2015), ISO 15693 (test specification ISO 10373-7), ISO 18000 (test specification ISO 18047), ISO 18092 (test specifications ISO 22536 and ISO 23917), and even the new CEN TS 16794-2 test specification, dedicated to the transportation market.

Today, the Micropross Contactless Test Station is present within the R&D departments of all major chipset, antenna, smartcard and mobile phone developers to help engineers characterize, debug, and check the compliance of their products with all the standards that matter. The Contactless Test Station is also massively present at ATLs all around the world, including the United States, France, South Korea and China, making it the de facto standard in the industry.

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