Lille, 20/10/2017 : Micropross announced earlier today that their NFC Forum Digital Protocol test tool, based on the market reference MP500 TCL3 signal generator, had obtained the validation from the NFC Forum according to the latest version of the NFC Forum defined test specification,  included in the Certification Release 11 (CR11). This means that this tool can be used today by NFC Forum authorized test laboratories to perform official validation of NFC Devices and NFC Tags.

Stéphane Czeck, director of marketing for Micropross commented : “This achievement is truly delightful news, as it showcases once again Micropross involvement in contributing to the global expansion of the NFC technology by proposing test tools aligned with the latest versions of the NFC Forum specifications, including all newly defined test items”

One of the new test items present in the CR11 is the test of NFC tags, thus creating a framework to facilitate the implementation of NFC based marketing, logistic, or even smart-home related applications. In addition to the traditional ISO 14443 A, ISO 14443 B, FeliCaTM and MifareTM tags, a new type is supported as part of this new specification version : ISO 15693, which allows a longer distance  of communication.

The NFC Forum Digital Protocol test tool is part of Micropross’Contactless Test Station range of products, which includes EMVCo L1, ISO 10373-6, ISO 10373-7, CEN TS 16794 and of course, the other test layers defined by the NFC Forum (analog, LLCP and SNEP), all able to run on the same hardware platform, and using the same software interface : MPManager.

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