Lille, 26 Fevrier 2015: Micropross, the worldwide reference in the supply of test solutions for the smart objects industry, announced today the first-ever fully automated test solution to ensure the compliance with the Qi specification, defined by the Wireless Power Consortium. This tool is able to perform both Low and Medium Power testing for receivers and transmitters, the whole with a single tester.

Wireless Charging Testing can be an expensive job, in terms of time, and of human investment. To solve this problematic, Micropross has developed a Qi test solution, in partnership with the market main actors. It includes a combination of hardware and software tools that implements 100% of the WPC-defined test cases. Its aim is to help users to perform tests in the most convenient conditions possible. That means the users will be able to perform pre-certification testing for their Qi Tx and Rx in their premise, before submitting their samples to the WPC official certification testing laboratories that may also use Micropross test tools.

Philippe Bacle, President of Micropross, explained: “Over the years, Micropross became the reference test tool provider for NFC Forum validation laboratories. NFC and Wireless Power Charging are technologies that will be present together in many objects in the near future, and to satisfy this new customers tests needs, it was natural for us to design test solutions for both technologies.

The MP500 TCL3, and associated Qi tests libraries have been designed having in mind simplicity, automation and evolutivity. Our systems integrates its own acquisition devices, signal generator, and therefore do not require any human intervention. Furthermore, our software integrates a complete viewer that allows getting a graphical representation of the protocol exchanges, to highlight the errors, but also to show the physical measurements.

“Automation and efficiency are concerns for our customers, and thanks to our experience as NFC & EMVCo test tools provider, we pushed the automation level of our test solutions to the limits.”, added Philippe Bacle. Micropross’ software platform MP Manager allows the automated performance of the standardized test methods defined by the WPC or NFC Forum, and gives a clear verdict, if your device under test is compliant or not with comprehensive information about the test session results.

Micropross is a long time contributor of the different standardization groups, such as the NFC Forum and the Wireless Power Consortium, and provides conformance test benches to validation laboratories, but also to any customer looking to perform in-house pre-certification testing. Customers now have the possibility to use a turnkey solution to ensure the conformance of their products, but also test out of the standards by adjusting many parameters, thanks to the robust and versatile test tool that the MP500 TCL3 is.

We will demonstrate our Qi test solution in the next WPC meetings, on March 10 and 11 in Yokohama, Japan, and from March 24 to March 27 in Taipei, Taiwan. Do not miss the occasion to witness Micropross’ latest innovation for Qi testing.

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