We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our company and how this change will affect you. We are delighted to announce that Micropross will be adopting the NI brand going forward.

Our commitment to our customers and partners remain our highest priority. By integrating further into NI, we believe that we are providing our customers with the best in class user experience, such as the use of NI’s logistic centers, or the leverage of a global sales force and support structure. The migration to the NI brand reflects this integration.

You may have seen this change starting to happen, for example on price offers or invoices, we will gradually transition to the NI brand over the next 12 months. All packaging, invoices, and related documents will therefore migrate to the NI standards. Micropross product names will be unchanged, but they will be an official part of the NI offering.

For your future reference, we would like to share with you the new logo that will gradually replace our previous logos on all corporate documents, envelopes, and other materials.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding those changes!

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