EMVCo had successfully qualified Micropross’s EMVCo L1 PICC analog test tool, according to the new 3.0 test specification.

That means that this tool is suitable to be deployed in EMVCo authorized test laboratories. It can perform official type approval, as well as debug sessions for their customers. For instance contactless smartcards, wearables and NFC enabled mobile phones manufacturers.

Darcy Dement, president of Micropross, commented: “This great achievement reinforces Micropross’s position as a leading company in the supply of test equipment for the contactless smartcard and mobile industry. We are looking forward to continuing to support our customers. No matter if they are test laboratories or vendors, with our innovative solutions.”
Micropross’s EMVCo L1 PICC analog and mobile test tool is based on the Contactless Test Station platform. It hosts all other Micropross NFC test solutions, such as NFC Forum or ISO 10373-6. This tool is deployed at EMVCo authorized test laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia.

This is today the only platform able to host EMVCo certified test suites on all 4 subjects (PICC analog, PICC digital, PCD analog, PCD digital).

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