Recently, Micropross took part in the public transport NFC interoperability event hosted by the Federal Ministry for Economic affairs, GSMA and NFC in Berlin.

The event was organized to highlight the compatibility between NFC devices-terminals and readers already deployed within transportation infrastructure as well as future applications in public transportation.
Providers of e-tickets systems, public authorities, network operators, mobile manufacturers, standardization experts, and test tools providers—like Micropross-were all part of the event.

Micropross offers a CEN/TS 16794 PICC PCD analog and digital solution certified by NFC conformance labs. Elitt, who lead this market in France, have started validating terminals and NFC devices using the Micropross automated test bench.

Leading the market with innovating NFC, ISO, EMVCo testing solution, Micropross is deeply involved in promoting this technology and driving interoperability in Europe and all over the world. Major players consider transportation as an application within the NFC ecosystem and meeting interoperability standards is a key step towards deploying this technology next year.

Micropross continues to invest with automated and quality measurement solutions to speed up the time to market both within R&D and manufacturing.

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