NI Micropross announced an agreement with BCTC, enabling them to perform debug and type approval sessions. BCTC customers can benefits from the new EMVCo L1 3.0 standards, as they are using the Micropross Contactless Test Station.

Effective immediately, customers can contact BCTC to reserve test sessions. They will evaluate the performance of their contactless readers (PCD) according to the new EMV 3.0 test specification, both analog and digital.

Darcy Dement, President of NI Micropross, said, “This agreement with BCTC is significant for the entire Asian PCD manufacturer ecosystem looking to reduce certification costs and time to market. As a number of manufacturers already use the Micropross Contactless Test Station for EMVCo Contactless readers, these users will be able to prepare the EMV L1 certification of their products using their existing equipment. And then they will easily pass the official certification session at BCTC using the same test platform.”

The vast majority of the EMV test laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region will be using the Micropross Contactless Test Station as their reference tester for the EMV test specification version 3.0.

See the list of those Micropross equipped test laboratories.

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