Micropross obtains the validation from the NFC Forum for its Release 10 compatible analog test tool

Lille, 9th of December 2016: Micropross announced earlier today that their NFC Forum analog test tool, based on the Contactless Test Station (CTS) had obtained the validation from the NFC Forum according to the latest version of the test specification, the Release 10. This means that this tool can already be used today by NFC Forum Authorized Test Laboratories to perform official validation of NFC devices.



Philippe Bacle, General Manager of Micropross commented: “The Contactless Test Station has become over the years the gold standard when it comes to contactless conformance platforms. Our wide base of customers expects us to stay on the edge of innovation, and being in the first batch of NFC Forum validated test tools for Release 10 is a strong sign that we give to the market about our strong involvement on the NFC scene, and, more importantly, our commitment to make our customers successful by allowing them to shorten their time to market by testing their products against the latest test specification releases earlier.”


The NFC Forum Release 10 specification aims at solving the gaps between the ISO 10373-6 described test methods and the NFC Forum test specification, and thus helping at solving interoperability issues between NFC devices and legacy POS machines, deployed at merchants or public transportation operators. Furthermore, this new specification sets a new milestone for the NFC scene, as it will be enforced by the GCF (Global Certification Forum) starting from Q2 2017 as a mandatory test item for all mobile phones embedding the NFC functionality (Work Item 236).


The Contactless Test Station is also the host of all other Micropross contactless conformance test tools, such as :


  • EMVCo (PICC/mobile and PCD, analog and digital, all validated by EMVCo)
  • NFC Forum (analog obviously, but also Digital Protocol, LLCP and SNEP. Fully validated by the NFC Forum)
  • ISO 10373-6 (PICC and PCD, analog and digital)
  • ISO 10373-7 (VICC and VCD, allowing to prepare for the future NFC Forum tag type 5 testing)
  • CEN/TS 16794 (PICC and PCD, analog and digital, used for the market of public transportation)
  • ICAO


The Contactless Test Station embeds the flagship MP500 TCL3 as NFC signal generator, a RF amplifier, an oscilloscope, a high performance A/D converter, and a PC, making it the market’s only true all in one conformance tool for NFC and EMV related applications.



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