The automotive market is advancing at a rapid pace. Tomorrow’s vehicles may be driverless, but they won’t leave the experience of the driver behind. The evolution of in-vehicle infotainment systems will shape the way that we interact with our cars and offer not only new entertainment functions, but also updates to security systems and driver assistance—all enabled by the connection between your car and your mobile phone.

Your mobile phone is the key to personalizing your driving experience. Existing technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS, as well as evolving technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and wireless charging, are opening up opportunities for car designers to reinvent and modernize the in-car experience. 

NFC-enabled mobile phones and wearable devices will be your digital key and offer a range of functional benefits:

  •  Security for multi-user access
  •  Driver recognition to automatically adjust personal settings such as seat and mirror position on driver entry
  •  Automatic pairing with the entertainment system—no key or password required—so that you can pre-load your driving itinerary and start your journey as quickly as possible


These benefits will particularly impact the rental car and tourism market. With the changes to in-vehicle technology, your mobile phone becomes your digital key for renting a car in addition to being your plane, train, or subway ticket, using the following standards:


Moreover, if required, additional services will be purchased aboard the car, and this is made possible through an EMV transaction, which also has got to be tested!

With our increased reliance on our mobile devices, it is important to have constant access to them. Enabling wireless charging in-vehicle promises just that: An easy way to charge your phone on the go.

These added functionalities mean that there is little-to-no room for errors in communication between your vehicle and your phone, and, even more important, safety is an absolute must, since power is being transferred over the air. Therefore, heavily testing NFC and wireless charging is very important to ensure a seamless experience for the user.
In order to ensure a high level of quality from the initial R&D phase until the mass manufacturing phase, Micropross has developed a full range of tools, ranging from protocol analyzers to full conformance platforms, not forgetting dedicated manufacturing tools. We are also the only test tool vendor to offer wireless charging and NFC test capabilities on the same test platform.

The Micropross manufacturing solutions are direct derivatives of our R&D solutions, giving our customers the exact features they need to meet their evolving challenges, along with a friendly operator interface, stable operation and low cycle time.

For more information, contact or your Micropross representative.

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