TUV SUD has selected NI as a supplier for EMVCo 3.0 Tests. It becomes the first laboratory accredited for EMV 3.0 PCD Analog.


Lille, June 13th 2019 :

Evolutions in the payment industry

EMV 3.0 is the reflection of the changes which occurred over the last years in the payment industry. Paying with a smartcard shaped object is not the only standard anymore. Now smartphones and smart watches entered the party. To test those new devices, reference antennas and test cases have been updated. The whole payment ecosystem, from industrials to test laboratories, must jump into that transition.




TUV SUD challenges

TUV SUD is a very well-established test laboratory. They are a trusted partner of choice for safety, security and sustainability for their customers. They naturally selected NI to accompany them into that transition.

TUV SUD was already equipped with NI’s equipment’s. They purchased the Contactless Test Station, its reference test benches and antennas for previous EMV versions. Without replacing their complete set, they could engage in the qualification of their laboratory. In other words, they just added a new set of antennas and downloaded on our website the updated test suites.

Certification Process

What makes the difference in the NI offering? Fabien Bocquet, Laboratory manager at TUV SUD Japan confirmed: “The NI LabTools with their dedicated test library allowed us to execute very specific tests. Those tests were needed to qualify the test bench which was a tremendous help. It permitted us to go faster in the qualification process.”

The EMVCo 3.0 qualification is known to be very difficult to obtain. Using the NI test solution allowed TUV SUD to be qualified in very few rounds. It made them the first laboratory qualified for EMV 3.0 PCD Analog.

NI experience

Stephane CZECK, NFC & Wireless Charging group Marketing Director at NI confirmed: “our R&D team worked on this evolution having in mind the new specifications. But also introduced major updates to improve our tools. Therefore it ensures success for our customers. Lab tools are one of them, testing times acceleration is another one. The user experience has been optimized to propose the most automated and fastest solution possible.”

“At TUV SUD we strive to give our customers the test services that they need, when they need them, to make them successful. Our next challenge is to obtain EMV 3.0 PICC analog qualification. We are very confident to be able to apply the same method and be among the first laboratories to be granted this distinction.”, added Fabien Bocquet.

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