The RATP Group chooses NI to support them into their dematerialized ticketing project in Paris. We delivered our CEN/TS 16794 test solution to perform analog and digital conformance tests on terminal, smartcards and smartphones. Thanks to CEN and NFC technology, the RATP group can provide a powerful dematerialized ticketing experience to its customers.

Dematerialized ticketing in Paris​​​

Using your phone as a transportation ticket is now a reality in Paris, France. How is that possible? Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) and the CEN/TS 16794 standard. As a local or tourist, you buy your ticket with the app of your smartphone, at home, at work, in the street. You activate the NFC on your device, you present your phone to the contactless terminal at the control gate of the station, and that’s it! You can travel everywhere in the local transportation network. No disposable tickets anymore.

What is CEN?

The CEN is a European public standards organization. Its goal is to develop:

  • International trade
  • Fair competition
  • Workers and consumers safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Global systems interoperability

Public transportation was therefore a natural subject of interest for the CEN. It has defined methods to ensure interoperability in the areas of multimodal information and smart ticketing through the definition of a test standard: CEN/TS 16794.

How Ni answered the needs of the contactless transportation ecosystem?

NI has implemented into its Contactless Test Station a CEN/TS 16794 test solution to answer the needs of the contactless transportation ecosystem. This solution includes all the test cases defined in the latest specification (version 2).
It addresses specific requirements of the transportation market, enhancing other well-known industry standards like ISO 10373-6. It includes additional parameters such as reading distance and compatibility with NFC Forum requirements.

Why NFC technology makes it possible?​​

The smartphone’s battery level is not going to be an issue, even at the end of the day. The NFC technology allows you to validate your transportation ticket with a phone switched off or without any battery left. The NFC chip implemented into the smartphone will be awaken by the terminal and allow you to validate your ticket in every situation.
This is the true magic of NFC technology!

How NI supported the RATP Group in its successful achievement?​

RATP Group, naturally adopted this test solution. The RATP is using NI tools (through its acquisition of Micropross) since 2007. Jacques BAHADORI, RFID and innovation engineer at RATP commented: “I like that NI tools are very flexible. I have developed a custom driving base of automated scripts that, as far as I know, only NI tool allow me to achieve. As I’m making an advanced use of the tool, I had to reach out to the support team to help me in this usage. This side by side work made us enrich the functionality of the test tool to make it as effective as possible. My relationship with them is a true asset for my day to day work.”

Why NI Cen/TS 16794 test solution is an essential tool for the transportation ecosystem?​

Stéphane CZECK, NFC and Wireless Charging marketing director at NI commented: “Our CEN/TS 16794 test solution allows our customers to perform analog and digital conformance tests on terminals, smartcards or smartphones. We are proud today to support our long-time partners from the transportation ecosystem. We are helping them to cut costs, and at the same time improve the user’s experience and protect the environment through the reduction of the usage of disposable paper tickets.”

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