NI announced today that its NFC Forum Test System had been successfully qualified by the NFC Forum following the latest certification release document (CR12). That means, this new test tool version can now be used by the NFC Forum test laboratories to perform for their customers official validation of NFC devices and NFC tags.

The NFC Forum CR12 specification is one of the most ambitious update ever released by the NFC Forum, and aims at:

  • contributing into the solving of interoperability issues which may happen on the field between two NFC devices, 
  • resolve discrepancies with other NFC standards, 
  • add the possibility to define innovative new use cases based on the new Active Communication Mode (ACM).

Stéphane Czeck, Director of Marketing for NFC & Wireless Charging at NI, commented: “We are delighted with the obtention of the approval from the NFC Forum for our automated NFC Forum CR 12 test tool. Our customers from the whole ecosystem will be able to perform validation and certification of their product according to the latest version of the NFC Forum specification and improve the NFC experience they will give to their own customers through a superior level of testing”.

“The demand for NFC Forum Compliant Devices continues to grow as more and more consumers look for convenient, secure, and safe ways to live a contactless lifestyle,” said Mike McCamon, executive director, NFC Forum.  NFC Forum members like NI, and their expertise in our market, will help ensure device interoperability and usability with our newest standards and features”

NI’s coverage of the NFC Forum CR12 test specifications is total, and includes the analog, digital protocol, LLCP and SNEP layers, as well as the NFC tag specific test cases. Those test libraries are automated, and run on the Contactless Test Station 2, or on the MP500 TCL3.

Learn more about the NFC Forum CR12 specification by watching our free webinar “10 things you need to know about NFC Forum CR12”.

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