Driver User Interface
We have designed a GUI, whose goal is to make the interface between the machine control PC, and our testers.

What is MVPI ?

    • This user interface has been ported to the major test handlers (Muhlbauer, Ruhlamat, Ismeca, ...), and its main characteristics are simplicity, stability and versatility.
    Furthermore, the possibility to call external elements such as HSM, SAM reader, or any type of customer specific device is the guarantee of being able to follow the different evolution of the customer requirement.
    MVPi is able to handle up to 32 test heads at the same time, but upgrades are easily possible.
    Statistics are available, either separated between all test heads, or displayed for the whole system
    More statistics are available, showing the current test time, as well as the average one.
    As smartcards are being produced, logfiles are also generated, that allow to keep track of the produced components. The content of this logfile is controlled by the user.
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