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MP300 MX1

The MP3000 MX1 is Micropross answer to all smart card and smart objects manufacturers, looking for a high performance personalisation coupler. Its multi-protocol nature, and its ability to accommodate different form […]

MP300 MCL1

The MP300 MCL1 is Micropross answers to smart card and other contactless devices who are looking for a cost effective albeit industrial and multiprotocol personalisation coupler.

MP300 MX1+MCL1

The MP300 MX1/MCL1 allows smartcard and smart object manufacturers to personalise both contact and contactless interfaces of their products. This industrial coupler offers the best performance/price ratio

MP300 C3

The MP300 C3 is the market leader for test and (pre-) personalisation of contact smartcards and smart objects in manufacturing contexts. It is used at the factories of the major […]

MP300 C3+CL3

The MP300 C3/CL3 is the market leader for tasks related to test and (pre-) personalisation of dual interface smart cards and smart objects. Used at the factories of the major smart […]

MP300 CL3

The MP300 CL3 is dedicated to the test of NFC devices (handsets, tablet PC, smart watch, …) in a production context. It is able to test all the features of a NFC […]


You want to test NFC devices in a manufacturing environment?  (but also banking terminals and smart objects operating at 13.56MHz)
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