Terminal Testing

Our range of dedicated test tools for contact and contactless terminals

MP500 TCL3

Characterization of contactless smart cards, readers, and NFC devices are the main uses of the MP500 TCL3. It combines advanced signal generation features to an unmatched flexibility and possibilities of evolution.

Contactless Test Station

The all in one box for NFC testing. It is an ideal conformance platform for ISO, ICAO, NFC Forum and EMVCo testing. It includes a full PC, a signal generator, […]

MP300 SC2

The MP300 SC2 is the most complete test tool on the market when it comes to the simulation of secure elements used in the context of banking, or mobile transactions. Furthermore, its embedded […]

Contactless Test Station III

Pushing The Limits of NFC Testing The CTS III is NI’s biggest investment to date in the field of NFC testing. Taking into account the evolution of the NFC test […]
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