Portable NFC Spy For Contact & Contactless Technologies
Portable NFC spy for contact and contactless banking terminals, NFC devices : MP007

Use Cases

The MP007 is typically used in the following contexts:

  • debug of NFC infrastructures on site
  • spy sessions at customer site
  • Test tool for smart watches

Please take into consideration that this product is in an EOL state with the following main milestones :

  • Last time buy : 31 december 2023
  • End of technical support and FW updates : 31 december 2024
  • End of HW support : 31 december 2026

What is MP007 ?

The MP007 is a portable spy tool. It is able to monitor transactions that involve contact and contactless smartcards, banking terminals and NFC devices, on site. Sturdy, and fitting in the palm of your hand, the MP007 is the most precious companion of any engineer who has to perform debugging tasks at their customer site, on location, or in any challenging conditions. The spy tool is light, compact, fits in all laptop bags, and can be placed in any carry-on luggage. The main features of the MP007 are :
  • portable
  • autonomous through the use of a power bank
  • support of contact (ISO 7816, SWP/HCI) and contactless (ISO 14443, ISO 15693, FeliCaTM, MifareTM) technologies
  • numerous business oriented decoders available
  • operates in a fully standalone mode, or by a laptop or a tablet PC
  • integrated touchscreen for a convenient operation

Technical Data

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