MP300 C3

Contact Smart Cards Tester
In manufacturing contexts, parametric test and chip initialization, using ISO 7816, SWP, and USB protocols : MP300 C3
MP300 C3MP300 C3
MP300 C3MP300 C3

Use Cases

The MP300 C3 will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • Initialisation, OS loading, pre-personalisation, personalisation of contact smart cards, micro-modules, eSIM and smart objects
  • Test of micro modules on reel to reel test handlers

Please take into consideration that this product is in an EOL state with the following main milestones :

  • Last time buy : 30 september 2022
  • End of technical support and FW updates : 31 august 2023
  • End of HW support : 31 march 2026 for products purchased after 7 february 2022, and 31 march 2024 for products purchased before 7 february 2022

What is MP300 C3 ?

The MP300 C3 is the market leader for test and (pre-) personalisation of contact smartcards and smart objects in manufacturing contexts. It is used at the factories of the major smart card and chip manufacturers. This tool perfectly integrated the constraints of the manufacturing world : high throughput, reliability, and efficiency. The main characteristics of the MP300 C3 are :
  • Support of ISO 7816, SWP/HCI (ETSI TS 102.613 and ETSI TS 102.622), USB 2.0, I2C
  • Very flexible in the definition of the test parameters (voltages, clock frequency)
  • Performs open/short, leakage, consumption, drivability, parametric testing
  • Ideal tool to test and personalize form factors such as ID-1 smartcards, SIM (micro SIM, nano SIM, eSIM), M2M modules, tape of components
  • Easy to control thanks to its open API
  • Modular structure : up to 4 MP300 C3 can be installed on one MP300 mother board
  • Modular structure : the MP300 C3 can be installed together with a MP300 CL3 for test of dual interface components

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