MP300 CL3

A Manufacturing Tester For All Types Of Contactless Objects
Test of NFC devices in a production context, by performing the right tests (physical and protocol) to obtain a qualitative screening of NFC devices in a manyfacturing line : MP300 CL3.
MP300 CL3MP300 CL3MP300 CL3
MP300 CL3MP300 CL3MP300 CL3

Use Cases

The MP300 CL3 will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • Initialisation, OS loading, pre-personalization, personalization of contactless micro modules, smart cards, inlays
  • Test in production lines of smart objects, such as NFC devices
  • Quality inspection of NFC devices
  • Test of (Qi) WPC compatible devices in a production line

Please take into consideration that this product is in an EOL state with the following main milestones :

  • Last time buy : 30 september 2022
  • End of technical support and FW updates : 31 august 2023
  • End of HW support : 31 march 2026 for products purchased after 7 february 2022, and 31 march 2024 for products purchased before 7 february 2022

What is MP300 CL3 ?

The MP300 CL3 is dedicated to the test of NFC devices (handsets, tablet PC, smart watch, ...) in a production context. It is able to test all the features of a NFC device that matter (terminal simulation, card simulation, resonance frequency, ...) in an automated, strurdy, operator friendly test tool. The main characteristics of the MP300 CL3 are :
  • Test in production of contactless smartcards, RFID tags, M2M modules, chip on tape (COT) micro modules, and NFC devices
  • Coverage of all protocol that matters : ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, FeliCaTM, MifareTM, B' (Innovatron), and all NFC Forum tags
  • Coverage of high speed communication (VHBR) in both ASK and PSK modes
  • Total flexibility in the definition of the test parameters (field strength, rise/fall times, modulation index, load modulation amplitude (smartcard simulation), load on the DUT field (smartcard simulation)
  • Numerous test implemented (resonance frequency, Q factor, complex impedance, field strength measurement, ...)
  • Ideal tool to test and personalize form factors such as ID-1 smartcards, M2M modules, tape of components (COT), NFC devices
  • Easy to control thanks to its open API
  • Numerous antennas available, including a dual PCD mode-PICC mode model
  • Modularity : possibility to have two MP300 CL3 on the same MP300 mother board
  • Modularity : possibility to have the MP300 CL3 installed together with a MP300 C3 for test of dual interface micro modules
  • Presence of a SAM card reader
  • Ideal tool to perform Mastercard CQM test requirements
  • Tool ready to test power transmitters in a production context, following the WPC specifications

Technical Data

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