MP300 MX1+MCL1

Dual Interface Smart Card Personalization
The MP300 MX1+MCL1 is to be installed on personalization machines, to perform reliable and high speed dual interface smartcard personalization
MP300 MX1+MCL1MP300 MX1+MCL1
MP300 MX1+MCL1MP300 MX1+MCL1

Use Cases

The MP300 MX1/MCL1 is typically used in the following contexts :

  • Personalisation of dual interface smartcards
  • Personalisation of M2M modules

Please take into consideration that this product is in an EOL state with the following main milestones :

  • Last time buy : 30 september 2022
  • End of technical support and FW updates : 31 august 2023
  • End of HW support : 31 march 2026 for products purchased after 7 february 2022, and 31 march 2024 for products purchased before 7 february 2022

What is MP300 MX1+MCL1 ?

The MP300 MX1/MCL1 allows smartcard and smart object manufacturers to personalise both contact and contactless interfaces of their products. This industrial coupler offers the best performance/price ratio The main characteristics of the MP300 MX1/MCL1 are :
  • Personalisation of 3 dual interface devices simultaneously
  • All 3 devices are handled in a fully independant manner
  • Support of SWP, USB, SD protocols, and FeliCa encryption are optionnal
  • Physical parameters flexibility : possibility to program the Vcc and the Clock values on the contact interfaces, and the field strength, rise/fall times, and many others on the contactless side
  • Continuity test feature, for a first level of quality inspection
  • Open API : possibility to implement custom protocols
  • Can be combined on the same MP300 mother board with another MP300 MX1 (6 simultaneous heads) or with a MP300 MCL1 for 3 dual interface couplers

Technical Data

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