MP300 TC3

Contact Smart Cards Tester
Test of contact smart cards and simulation following the ISO 7816, SWP/HCI, I2C, USB 2.0, USB-IC protocols : MP300 TC3
MP300 TC3MP300 TC3MP300 TC3
MP300 TC3MP300 TC3MP300 TC3

Use Cases

The MP300 TC3 is typically used in the following contexts :

  • Debug of a contact smartcard OS
  • Type approval following the EMVCo and SWP/HCI specifications
  • Characterisation of a contact component
  • Quality inspection

Please take into consideration that this product is in an EOL state with the following main milestones :

  • Last time buy : 30 september 2022
  • End of technical support and FW updates : 31 august 2023
  • End of HW support : 31 march 2026 for products purchased after 7 february 2022, and 31 march 2024 for products purchased before 7 february 2022

What is MP300 TC3 ?

High end tester, for contact smartcards and contact based secure elements. Support of ISO 7816, SWP/HCI, USB 2.0, USB-IC and I2C protocols. Immense flexibility in terms of physical and protocol parameters. Tester certified by EMVCo for L1 type approval, and by the GCF/PTCRB for SWP. The MP300 TC3 is the worldwide reference for test of contact smart cards and secure elements. Shipped to hundreds of units worldwide, its numerous test features make this tool the ideal companion for characterisation of components, and type approval at validation laboratories. The MP300 TC3 main features are :
  • Terminal simulation following the ISO 7816, SWP/HCI, I2C, SPI, USB 2.0, USB-IC protocols
  • Able to test ID-1 smart cards, SIM and U-SIM components, eSIM as well as M2M modules
  • Fully compatible with the requirement of the ISO 7816 (ISO 10373-3) test specification
  • Completely supports the ETSI TS 102 613 and TS 102 622 specifications
  • Records the communication between itself, and the device under test, and offers a graphical display of the spied data
  • External spy mode also available
  • Very deep possibilities of customisation of physical and protocol parameters
  • Numerous measurement features and test implemented : current, voltage, open/short, capacitance, ...
  • Reference tester for numerous test standards : EMVCo L1 electrical and protocol, ISO 7816-3, ETSI TS 102 613 and TS 102 622

Technical Data

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