What is NFC?

NFC allow information exchanges NFC (or Near Field Communication) is a technology allowing two devices to exchange information, by bringing them close from each other.

What is NFC Forum?

Promotion of NFC technology by the NFC Forum The NFC Forum is an industry association, formed in 2004. It’s goal is to promote the usage of the NFC technology.

What is Qi-Wireless Charging?

Qi standard allow to make Wireless Charging Qi (pronounce “Chee”) is a standard that allows the charging of a device (mobile device) by a charger (base station).

What are the use cases of Qi-Wireless charging?

It seems quite simple to figure out the use cases of Qi-Wireless Charging. Charging a phone on a base, but you must broaden your horizon.

What is EMV?

EMV is an international standard. It is developed to meet the evolving requirements of the payment industry.

What is EMVCo?

EMVCo is the management body for the EMV standard.

What is CEN/TS 16794?

What is CEN? CEN is the European committee for standardization. It is officially recognized by the European Union.

10 things to know about NFC Forum CR12

Starting from Q2 2020, the NFC Forum will enforce an updated version of their test specifications, numbered CR12.0.

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