10 things to know about NFC Forum CR12


Starting from Q2 2020, the NFC Forum will enforce an updated version of their test specifications, numbered CR12.0.

What is the goal of this new version ?

  • To Enhance the user experience.

It means introducing test conditions closer from the real world. But also contributing to decrease the number of interoperability issues on the field.

  • To Introduce new possibility of use cases.

The active mode communication testing will be enhanced.

  • To Enhanced alignment with other standards

Principles used in EMVCo and ISO 10373-6 and -7 will be adopted.

Here are the 10 things you need to remember about the CR12 test specification:

  1. NFC is a contactless communication technology, standardized by several organizations
  2. A device that embeds the NFC technology may need to follow several standards, depending on its use cases (Payment? Transportation? Access control?)
  3. There are discrepancies between the requirement of the different standardization committees which, at the end, may hinder the user experience, and eventually his adoption of the NFC technology
  4. The NFC Forum, through its new CR12 test specification, helps the ecosystem to address those discrepancies (the other standardization groups are doing similar tasks too)
  5. This new test specification adds 3 new Listener antennas to its « arsenal » of antennas, in order to get closer from the EMVCo test conditions
  6. The NFC Forum CR12 mandates that an 8 shaped coil is used to capture poller waveshapes
  7. It introduces the test of the active mode transmission scheme, paving the way for new use cases
  8. The NFC Forum CR12 re-invented completely the DP tag operation test cases, to ensure a satisfying device to tag user experience
  9. Wireless charging over NFC is going to be standardized in a short term by the NFC Forum
  10. NI has implemented all NFC Forum CR12 test cases, and will release a solution certified by the NFC Forum in the coming weeks (tool certification under finalization)

Watch our video presentation about the  NFC Forum CR12 test specification.

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