Active Load Modulation testing : All you need to know

Active Load Modulation tests will be soon a standard to test contactless readers. What is important to understand about those tests? What is so special about those tests?

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To summarize, here are the main items we want you to remember:

  1. Active Load Modulation was originally introduced to facilitate launch of NFC in complex devices such as mobile phones.
  2. Devices that embed Active Load Modulation are perfectly compliant with the international NFC standards. But some contactless readers may have issues to demodulate the signal coming from those devices.
  3. Those interoperability issues may impede the overall deployment of NFC powered use cases. Therefore it is important to test with adequate test methods the ability of readers to handle Active Load Modulation equipped devices.
  4. The international standards such as the ISO 10373-6 contain test methods to make sure of the reader capabilities to handle Active Load Modulation equipped devices.
  5. Those test methods primarly consist in the verification of the PCD when load modulation comprised of mixture of amplitude and phase is applied.
  6.  NI proposes test tools that allow to validate and check the conformance of contactless readers with the international standards.
  7. Those test tools have been automated. They provide a clear verdict regarding the compliance of contactless readers.
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