What is CEN/TS 16794?

CEN/TS 16794 is a European standard used for testing the functionality of fare management systems in public transportation. It also specifies the operations of various conformance tests, which enhances the interoperability between contactless fare credentials and management system terminals. 

NI CEN/TS 16794 testing solutions enable system users to evaluate their products at the first stage of development before subjecting them to the formal certification test. The testing also allows validation and implementation of analog, digital, and protocol levels processes .

CEN/TS 16794 is a derivative of certain other NFC standards (ISO 14443, NFC Forum, …) and aims at performing verification of the validity of the analog and digital behaviour of a device according to the requirement of the public transportation industry.


NI testing solutions are primarily used to certify mobile phones to be used in public transportation and debugging them for effectiveness. Subsequently, the approach aims to obtain certification from a laboratory that is used to test management systems of public transportation. Other primary features of the CEN/TS 16794 include implementing analog test plan solutions in various laboratories for validation and automatic generation of test reports.

NI CEN solutions allow validating cell phones, simple transport cards (such as pass pass or navigo), but also ticket validators (including readers located at the entrance of metro stations and in buses).

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