What is CEN/TS 16794?

What is CEN?

CEN is the European committee for standardization. It is officially recognized by the European Union.

It provides standardization for products, services, processes and systems in a large range of markets, at the European level. CEN is covering for example Construction, Healthcare, Energy…Transportation is the one NI is involved in. It covers:

  • Interoperability
  • Intermodal transport
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Transport of dangerous goods

What is CEN/TS 16794?

CEN/TS 16794 standardizes contactless ticketing. The technical specification CEN/TS 16794 is covering the public transport systems. It sets out the communication between contactless readers and fare systems. In other words, it makes sure that you can pay your transport ticket with a contactless card or smartphone.

This specification gives the requirements for devices to connect with each other using ISO/IEC 14443 standard. It also addresses interoperability for NFC devices with the Public transport devices.

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