Active Load Modulation Testing : All you need to know!


Free webinar dedicated to Active Load Modulation tests.

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Active Load Modulation tests will be soon a standard to test contactless readers. What is important to understand about those tests? What is so special about those tests? How can NI help you?

The NI NFC Group has host a webinar on July 29, 2020.  We have presented the things to remember about Active Load Modulation tests.

We have covered the following items (1 hour) :

    • Why IQLM tests are important?
    • What solutions are available from NI?
    • Video demonstration of  tests
    • Q & A session

Watch the session below!

This webinar will be hosted by 2 of our great specialists:

Stéphane CZECK

Director of Marketing – NI NFC Group

stephane czeck

Stéphane Czeck defines the R&D roadmap of NI for those topics, and makes sure it stays consistent with the requirements of the market. He has gathered 18 years of experience in smartcards, RFID, NFC and wireless charging areas. He spends a significant part of his time spreading the word about the importance of a massive adoption of the related technologies, and how relevant NI’s test equipment are to test them. He has already held specialized seminars in various parts of the planet, such as China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States.

His enthusiasm for the technology, the market in general, and the customers in particular make Stéphane a very appreciated speaker, telling inspired stories and giving valuable insights about his domain of expertise.

Stéphane holds an engineering degree in computer science, microelectronics and automated systems from the University of Lille 1.

Olivier CONET

Hardware Engineer – NI NFC Group

Olivier Connet

As R&D Engineer at NI in Lille, Olivier is in charge of the development of NFC test tools. From analog RF to FPGA digital signal processing, he has been working on many test tools and test antennas for 10 years now, from MP300 et MP500 series to CTS 2 and CTS 3. He has been working with many customers, all over the world, to adapt and to increase the test equipment capabilities. 

Olivier began electronics at the age of 10 building strange but useful electronic things. He, some years later, obtained an electrical engineering diploma at ESIEE in Paris, complemented by a Signal Processing degree at SUPELEC in Metz. He gives some RF and NFC lectures at ISEN engineering school in Lille. He keeps doing electronics as a leisure, being a licensed amateur radio operator.




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