CTS III: the Future of NFC Testing
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Welcome to the CTS III presentation

Discover it in preview!

During this webinar dedicated to all our customers, the NI NFC Group has explained why this product is our most ambitious release ever in our NFC product line.

Watch the recording to hear more about this new technological breakthrough!
This webinar will help you discover how this new product release from the NI NFC Group can make you even more successful.

We has tackled the following questions (45 min):

    • Why is it extremely powerful and why the market is waiting for?
    • What are its main features?
    • How it is a huge step for the NFC market and how it will help you gain market share?
  • A complete demo in our laboratory.
  • What certifications has already been approved by EMVCo and what are under finalization?
  • Live Q & A session.


If you need more information or couldn’t attend the webinar, our NFC team is ready to help you!

The webinar "Discuss with NI the Future of NFC Testing"
has been hosted by 6 of our specialists:

Stéphane Czeck

stephane czeck ni micropross

NFC Offering Manager

Stéphane Layes

Senior Group Manager R&D

Julien Sulerzycki

Senior Application Engineer

Jocelyn Fauquet

Chief hardware Engineer

Gwenhael Coray

Software Technical Leader

Angèle Decottignies

angele decottignies micropross ni

NFC Communication Manager


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